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Judo Classes in Brooklyn

Age Range: 14+ |  Experience Requirement: None

Experience Judo with Brooklyn Martial Arts, Our experienced instructors guide skill levels through this time-honored Japanese martial art. Gain physical fitness, self-defense skills, and character development. Join us to experience the magic of Judo. Contact us for your first class and embark on a journey of transformation today. Brooklyn Martial Arts - Where Tradition Meets Transformation.

Do you face any of these challenges?

  • You feel you won't be able to defend yourself from someone that possibly overpower you with their size or weight.
  • You feel unsafe being by yourself at times and not confident at being able to defend
  • You struggle to be confident in your abilities & strengths and want a healthy way to decrease stress and anxiety.

How This Program Will Help You or Your Teen

Stay Healthy, Stay Fit

Engaging in martial arts provides numerous physical benefits for children. Through regular training, they develop strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance.

Protect Your Family

Participating in martial arts enhances self-awareness of surroundings and safety by teaching situational awareness, alertness, and self-defense techniques, ensuring personal safety.

Become A Master

Through skill development, goal achievement, and positive reinforcement, empowering them to face challenges with confidence and a strong sense of self-worth.

Why the Brooklyn Community Loves

Our Judo Classes

Sarah . Top Reviewer. Helpful Reviewer

via Groupon

A great way to get fit while learning something. The teachers are patient with beginners and Professor Pete (the owner) is really knowledgeable and not pushy (ex. When it comes to signing up). The schedule also has more options for those who want to come after work or school

Chanelle. Helpful Reviewer

via Groupon

Love it!!! Yesterday was my second day, I took Brazilian Jui Jitsu and Kickboxing. I’ve really learned so much in both classes. It’s more than I expected! The regular membership isn’t too bad either. It’ll be worth every penny.

Brandy. Top Reviewer

via Groupon

It was great firm strict instructor. I over heard a parent a little frustrated though because her son been practicing those same moves for weeks . idk so far so good , i’ll be payin attention though

Steven. Top Reviewer

via Groupon

Great customer service, the girl at the front desk is very polite, kind, and beautiful she’s deserves a promotion. The instructors were great as well !!!!!!!!! Great space/ atmosphere.

Zahra. Helpful Reviewer

via Groupon

I had a great time snd a great sweat! The mats were clean and they practiced excellent social distancing.


via Groupon

It was great. Yesterday was my first class and I felt all my muscles get going. I suggest for the beginners to come 30 mins earlier so u could get a sense there before u start right away (u have to change and sign waivers). Class was organized and environment was good. I did jiujitsu (women only) section. I basically worked out and learned 3 moves of jiujitsu.

Mevelyn Top Reviewer. Helpful Reviewer

via Groupon

Holy cow I was sweating and this is the real deal jujitsu! No let’s pretend. Take downs and the mats come fast👊🏼

Our Judo Program & Pricing FAQs

At what age can Teens start Judo Martial Arts Classes?

Our Martial Arts School welcomes teenagers to start their Judo journey as young as 14 years old. Our Teen Judo Martial Arts Classes are specifically tailored to cater to the unique physical and mental development needs of adolescents, ensuring a safe and nurturing environment for learning martial arts.

Why choose us for Adult Judo Classes?

Choosing us for Adult Judo Classes means opting for a holistic approach to martial arts training. We offer a balanced curriculum that emphasizes physical fitness, mental discipline, and self-defense skills, all within a welcoming and supportive community.

Which specific disciplines are offered for Adult Judo Classes?

For Adult Judo Classes, We offers a comprehensive curriculum that includes traditional Judo techniques, ground fighting, self-defense, and physical conditioning. This diverse range of disciplines ensures a well-rounded martial arts education.

Why opt for us for Adult Judo Classes in Brooklyn?

Opting for Adult Judo Classes means choosing a dojo that values quality instruction, a friendly community, and a balanced approach to martial arts. Our classes cater to various skill levels and aim to foster both physical and mental well-being.

Is there a trial period for new students for Adult Judo Martial Arts Classes?

We offers a trial period for new students interested in our Adult Judo Martial Arts Classes. This trial allows potential students to experience our teaching style and dojo environment firsthand before making a commitment.

Can participation in Adult Judo Classes cause injury?

While any physical activity carries some risk of injury, at our institute, we prioritize safety in our Adult Judo Classes. Our instructors are experienced in teaching techniques safely and effectively, and we ensure a controlled environment to minimize risks.

Do adults need to be in good shape to take Adult Judo Classes?

No, adults do not need to be in peak physical condition to start Adult Judo Classes. Our classes are designed to improve fitness levels gradually, making them accessible to individuals of all fitness backgrounds.

What attire is recommended for Adult Judo Classes?

For Adult Judo Classes, we recommend wearing a Judo gi (uniform). This traditional attire is designed for durability and flexibility, essential for practicing Judo techniques. New students can receive guidance on obtaining their first gi from our instructors.

What sets our institute Adult Judo Martial Arts Classes apart?

What distinguishes our Adult Judo Martial Arts Classes at Our Martial Arts School is our commitment to personalized training, a supportive community atmosphere, and a blend of traditional and modern Judo techniques. We focus on individual progress, ensuring that each class is a rewarding and enriching experience.

What makes the Adult Judo Classes unique at our institute in Brooklyn?

Our Adult Judo Classes at our institute stand out for their emphasis on real-world applicability, a supportive learning environment, and instructors with years of expertise. We ensure that each class is not just about learning techniques but also about personal growth and community building.

Can Adult Judo Classes at our institute help boost confidence and coordination skills?

Absolutely! Our Adult Judo Classes are designed to enhance not just physical strength but also to boost confidence and coordination skills. Through regular practice and guidance, students develop greater body awareness, self-esteem, and an improved sense of balance and coordination.

Are there different intensity levels in our institute for Adult Judo Martial Arts Classes?

Yes, our Adult Judo Martial Arts Classes cater to different intensity levels, from beginner to advanced. This allows students to train at a pace that matches their fitness level and experience, ensuring a safe and effective learning environment.

Can adults with varying fitness levels participate in Judo Classes?

Absolutely! Our Judo Classes are designed to accommodate adults of all fitness levels. We tailor our training to meet individual needs, ensuring that each student can progress at their own pace while achieving their fitness and martial arts goals.

What makes the Adult Judo Classes at our institute unique in Brooklyn?

Our Adult Judo Classes are unique in Brooklyn due to our emphasis on traditional Judo values, modern training techniques, and a strong sense of community. We focus on personal development, discipline, and respect, making our dojo more than just a place to learn martial arts.

Are Adult Judo Classes violent?

Our Adult Judo Classes are not focused on violence but rather on self-discipline, self-defense, and physical fitness. We teach Judo as a way to promote physical and mental health, and our training is conducted in a respectful and safe environment.

What are the advantages of enrolling in Adult Judo Classes at our institute over a regular school?

The advantages of enrolling in our Adult Judo Classes include access to experienced instructors, a curriculum that balances physical fitness with mental discipline, and a strong community spirit. Unlike regular schools, we focus on individual progress and holistic development in martial arts.

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